Buckwheat = Gluten Free Baking Success

Okay, I have now confessed my disasters and probably the reason I started the blog.  You see I do a lot of web surfing, finding fantastic recipes and information and then some how or another the information gets lost in the wide world of cyberspace.  After my sad experiences with yeast bread I did decide to try something a little different and I discovered buckwheat.
Buckwheat isn’t really wheat.  It is is a broad-leaf crop that is in the same plant family as rhubarb.  It is not related to any other wheat.  It is a crop that has been grown in America since colonial days and was a common livestock feed as well as in great demand for making flour.  One of my first experiences with buckwheat was waffles.  After all my disasters I was ecstatic to find a waffle that baked up crisp even if they were a little dense, Buckwheat Waffles (Vegan and Gluten Free).

Since I have yet to follow directions carefully, the one egg became 2.  The whites were separated from the yolk and the yolks beaten before adding to the mix.  The whites were then whipped till stiff and folded in.  Like I said they were a crisp and a little dense but with maple syrup and fresh berries a gluten free delight.

My next experiment was bread.  I used Gluten-Free Buckwheat Bread.  The texture was wonderful and the bread froze well.   At last bread!

Buckwheat is an interesting flour with a nutty taste.  It is high in nutrition, fiber, amino acids, protein and vitamin B.  Buckwheat is also gluten free so it is a great substitute for anyone that is gluten intolerant. 


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