Gluten Free and Loving It

It has been several months now since I made the decision to go Gluten Free.  It wasn’t a decision that was made in haste.  It was one that was well thought out.   Several months ago my dental hygienist mentioned that she had gone gluten free and that she was feeling great.  I really had no idea what all that entailed and being a web-surfer and someone who loves cooking, I decided to do research.  There is a lot of information on the web and I started reading.  The rest is history.

The more I read the more that I realized that many of the symptoms I had experienced over the years were the same as those mentioned for gluten intolerance.  After the research phase then came identifying pros and cons.  I broached the subject with my doctor who didn’t encourage nor discourage me to continue my quest.  She did tell me that Gluten Free could be expensive. 

I think that overall my eating patterns are much healthier.  I am choosing to eat less processed foods and including a larger variety of whole grains to my diet along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Breakfast this morning consisted of a creamy buckwheat cereal topped off with a apple-maple syrup combo and a touch of almond milk.

There are times that I question my decision.  Like when I walk through the grocery store and  realize just how many products have gluten in them.  But I continue to move forward.  My symptoms have improved, I have more energy and my weight is stable.  I am continuing to experiment with gluten free cooking and hope to share my success and failures while continuing to learn.

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