Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that really make the difference.  The other day I came home for lunch and in my search to find something quick and easy a grilled ham and cheese sandwich seemed like the thing that would hit the spot.

I had made Gluten Free Multigrain Miracle Bread.  The bread had been sliced and placed in the freezer.  The texture was nice but the bread collapsed a bit while cooling.  I’m not sure why but will probably make it again to make sure that my measurements were accurate.

The bread was quickly defrosted for a few seconds in the microwave, buttered, layered with a couple of slices Dietz & Watson sliced ham and sharp cheddar cheese.  After the first bite I knew that this was exactly what I needed.  The only thing that is missing were the dill pickles.  I seriously tried but unfortunately couldn’t get the jar open.  Served with some multi-grain corn chips this really hit the spot.

According to the Dietz & Watson website, 99% of of their premium meats are Gluten Free making them a perfect choice for gluten free diets.

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