Pizza Party

I was looking back in posts and see that one of my very first was about gluten free baking disasters.  While they do still happen from time to time, my gluten free experiences continue to be more positive and much more successful.

Last night we had pizza!  This time I used Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix.   There is a good recipe on the back of the bag that makes 2 pizza crusts.  The hardest part is letting the dough rest for an hour after preparing.  I did use a pizza stone for one and a cast iron 10 inch griddle for the other.  No sticking, no mess.  I tried smoothing out the dough as suggested with oiled hands but wasn’t that successful.  I resorted to using a wet spatula with success.

While the dough rested I crumbled 2 Italian sausage links in a skillet.  The sausage is Tarantino Italian Sausage. This is the best sausage and I am able to purchase it at Costco.  Thanks to a number of on-line sites I did find that the sausage is gluten and soy free.  After the sausage had browned I tossed half a large red onion, sliced along with several sliced mushrooms and allowed them to cook through. 

After the crusts had baked for 20 minutes one came out and the other stayed in for about 5 to 8 minutes longer.  The one that came out first is now wrapped in foil and in my freezer for another pizza party.

After the second crust came out of the oven it was topped with 4 oz of basil pesto that had been made last summer when my garden was producing and then frozen for later use.  The sausage/onion/mushroom mixture was piled on, half a roasted red pepper was sliced and scattered about.  Then it was all topped with a generous amount of crumbled goat cheese and Parmesan Reggiano.  

This was a much happier time than my first gluten free
pizza experience.

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