February Already!

Can you believe it?  This year is going like so many before it.  Seems like I have either been traveling, sick or working.  Which when you think about it pretty much sums up much of our time.  The trip to Hawaii is behind me and I am looking forward to even more fun travels in the near future.

This weekend was packed with so many fun things.  Friday was spent in Austin, TX.  I attended the discussion on substance abuse treatment facilities and the changes in the rules.  I did go to Mimi’s Restaurant on Thursday night.  They are a chain and have locations throughout the country.

The restaurant is very accommodating for gluten free; however, that type of cuisine probably isn’t their strongest suite.  They did something I thought very interesting.  When you ask for a gluten free menu, you get a folder where the entire menu is broken down to allow for various food allergies to include gluten.  I had a meal of grilled Mahi-mahi, steamed brown rice and vegetables.  The fish and rice were nice portions the meal was little short on the vegetables.  The one redeeming factor was a dessert of chocolate mousse topped off with fresh strawberries.

After arriving home at 10ish on Friday night, I hit the ground running Saturday.  Had an early mani/pedi appointment then off to Las Cruces, NM for lunch with a friend.  I was delighted with my friends choice of restaurants.  We enjoyed a nice lunch at La Iguana which is located at 139 N Main Street.  

I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened the menu and gluten free bread was available for sandwiches and burgers.  I can’t tell you the last time I went to a restaurant and had the pleasure of enjoying fresh baked gluten free bread!  From their website:

We are dedicated to providing you a pleasurable, quality food experience in the Heart of Downtown Las Cruces that will satisfy you both physically and emotionally….Our kitchen is dedicated to serving fresh food in imaginative ways using minimally processed ingredients and with a commitment to providing gluten free choices with ingredients that our guests can trust.

The restaurant is open Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  They offer a wide selection of breakfast and lunch sandwiches plus a nice selection of egg dishes, waffles and salads.  They also have gluten free desserts.  The service was good as was the food.  The burger was true to it’s word and was an all beef, hand formed patty on a delicious soft gluten free bun.  
It was served with a side salad of

organic baby greens and 
lightly tossed with a balsamic 
vinaigrette.  I will have to go back for dinner very soon.  Since
hubby and I will be soon 
celebrating 32 wonderful years together that might be a special treat.

As though that wasn’t enough of a treat, we then enjoyed a nice evening out with friends at Pho Tre Bien in El Paso.  This restaurant specializes in authentic Vietnamese cuisine.  It had been recommended by a friend.  I emailed them regarding gluten free choices and received back a wonderful response outlining possible choices available.  The email indicated that I should let my server know at time of placing my order that I needed gluten free.

I did as instructed and was very surprised when those words produced a gentlemen who explained that they didn’t have gluten free.  I explained about the email and that the spring rolls were in rice paper, some of their soups had rice noodles and that it was my understanding that their tofu was not marinated in any wheat or gluten sauces.

This produced a visit to our table by a very nice Vietnamese woman who helped me to understand the menu and make very delicious gluten free selections.  She even brought out some of the seasonings that would be used in my dishes and gave me the opportunity to read labels and explore the internet via my iphone.  

People are becoming more and more aware of gluten free making dining out and living gluten free easier. 

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