Where’s the bun?

Well I’m still around.  February melted away and turned quickly into March which turned quickly into spring.  With spring I developed some crazy allergy problems, life got hectic, excuse after, excuse after excuse.  So here I am again feeling much better.

The blog was to chrono my gluten free journey and experiences.  My journey began almost a year ago.  I will be going to the doctor in a few days for blood work.  While the tests will not be for Gluten Intolerance it will be interesting to see if my change in lifestyle had an impact on cholesterol, etc.  I can only say that the pain in my wrists is gone and I once again have freedom of movement.  The intestinal problems are better and the “fog” has lifted. 

The diet has come with challenges and there are things that I frequently miss.  Like going into a restaurant and savoring the freshly baked bread they bring to the table or walking into a burger place and ordering a hamburger with the works not worrying about the gluten in the bun.  Then there is the all-American hot dog.  Well the other day I realized once again that the simple pleasures can bring much joy.

Yes, you can order a lettuce wrapped burger and even order a burger with the works and no bun.  A hot dog can be placed on a slice of gluten free bread, slathered with mustard and sprinkled with chopped onions but somewhere in the back of your mind there is the question “Where’s the bun?”

The other day I found the answer to that question.  It could be as close as your grocery store.  I received a package of Udi’s products and inside that package were 2 packs of hamburger buns.  One regular and one whole grain.  Also there was a pack of hot dog buns along with the other products they make.  To smell the fresh baked goodness that wafted from the box was a gluten free dream come true.

I knew that Udi’s made the best gluten free bread and had seen their pizza crusts in stores along with muffins but had never had the pleasure to sample them.  I don’t recall seeing their hamburger or hot dog buns in stores.  I had seen other brands and for some reason they didn’t look that appealing.  After tearing into the box my meal plans for that evening quickly changed.  Instead of leftovers we enjoyed the all-American hot dog on a gluten free bun with “Skinny” Fries.

Now that is what I call comfort food!  The hot dog was courtesy of Hebrew National and the bun from Udi’s Gluten Free .  It was a wonderful treat.  I am looking forward to trying the hamburger buns.  Later this week I will be trying out the pizza crusts.  Will keep you posted.



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