Where have I been?

The answer to that question is easy…..in the kitchen.  I have either been in my kitchen are the kitchen of my daughter.  Being in my daughter’s kitchen brings up an interesting issue.  They are gluten eaters and I’m not.  In the past I have bought flour and provisions while staying with them in order to do baking and all the while crumbling about having the item(s) at home.

We all know that gluten free ain’t cheap.  Well this time before I headed off for my visit I had the good sense to plan ahead.  Since this was a birthday celebration I knew that I was going to make a cake and that it was going to be chocolate.  Last year I had purchased a gluten free cake that was amazing in taste and in price.  So this year I was determined to be more frugal.  I also guessed that at some point I would be preparing waffles and since I was planning on making red beans and rice that meant cornbread.

The red beans and rice were cooked first.  The recipe for the muffins was found in 1000 Gluten Free Recipes and not on-line.  After mixing up all the dry ingredients the mix was sealed with my handy vacuum sealer.  Then with a marker I noted what needed to be added, cooking time, etc.

Next on tap was the chocolate cake.  Since the recipe is from King Arthur Flour it is on-line.  All I needed to do was mix the dry ingredients, vacuum seal and label.  

If you haven’t tried the gluten free chocolate cake recipe posted on King Arthur’s website you really should.  It is amazing.  Everyone commented on how moist and that it was probably the best gluten free dessert I have shared with them.  A definite winner and a repeat for certain. 
The waffles were prepared for Saturday morning breakfast.  The waffle recipe comes from About.com, Buckwheat Waffles.  I’m not sure what everyone else thought of them but I for one really enjoyed them.

Mix, bag and seal.  With the recipes on-line there is no need to worry about preparation.  My homemade mixes were very economical and can be tucked away in luggage.  The vacuum sealing helps to protect against leakage.  I also put the bags into a bag designed for packing clothes so they were doubly protected.  There were a couple of other things that I made while visiting and I ended up buying 1 bag of Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Blend.  Next time around I will make up a few additional mixes just in case.

Traveling gluten free brings up additional issues but we will leave that discussion for another time.

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