Happy 2013!

Okay so it is a little late for a happy New Year post but considering that I haven’t posted in how many months it makes sense.  Lots has been happening in my life.  Maybe this should be a year in review.  Oh well….here goes.

Last year hubby and I did our cross country trip in March.  We traveled across Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee to Alabama.  From their we headed back to Tennessee and down to Georgia.  After a nice visit with children and grandchildren we headed back home via of Mississippi and Louisiana.  We drove by our old home in both locations with Mississippi being the biggest surprise.  After 19 years or so the small town we lived in wasn’t so small anymore.  As I was taking photos of the old place in Louisiana the new owners came home and we hightailed it out of there.  

After a relaxing night in Baton Rouge we headed north and continued our journey home.  We stopped off in Dallas and got to spend a couple of glorious days with old friends.  I am really glad for those memories because my friend is now very sick and in need of prayers.  

The car had been serviced prior to setting out and somewhere around Midland, TX on the return trek was when the alert went off that it was in need of an oil change again.  After traveling over 3,000 miles it was time to do make a change.  Hubby and I dove into redoing the old home place and getting it ready to list.  For 6 long weeks of painting, scrubbing, textured walls the house was ready.  Mid May the house went on the market and we headed off to Las Vegas with friends.

During our 3,000+ mile trip we had the opportunity to do some house looking in Dallas with the thought of possibly returning and putting down roots again.  Mid May we were still pretty undecided as to what we wanted to do.  It wasn’t until our house hunting trip in June that it because a little clearer the direction we would take.

Tennessee had a lot to offer to include a lower cost of car insurance rates, property taxes, etc.  It was also close enough to the kids and grand-kids but not to close.  We were lucky to find a nice 3 bedroom house that had been really taken good care of.  By the time we headed back west, this time by airplane, we had a contract on our new home.  

The house in El Paso had been listed now for about 6 weeks with only minimal interest.  Nine days after we had made the offer on our new home we were blessed with an offer on are old home.  

God truly does work in wonderful and mysterious ways.  On the trip home I sat next to a realtor from Houston, TX.  She gave me some pointers in ways to market the house.  Then about a week after we returned we were taking our morning walk with the 4 legged girls and saw that a couple of streets over the moving company we had contracted with for our move was loading up another household.  This house did not have a for sale in the yard and we kinda discussed it and went on our way.  

The next morning the owners were outside as we passed by and we asked them about their move.  Like us they were now retired and were moving to all places Houston in order to be closer to their family and grandchildren.  They had been able to sell their house without the aid of a realtor and they mentioned that a gentlemen on their block had seen the moving van and had stopped by.  His son was looking for a house in the neighborhood.  The son traveled a lot on business and by getting something near by it would be easy for his father check out things while he was gone.

They weren’t sure where the man lived other than he lived on their block.  Well we saw this as an opportunity.  We went home, printed out the MLS listing on our house and took a second walk that day.  We placed a copy of the listing on every door in that block and as luck would have it this was the man that bought our home.

We closed on the house in Tennessee at the end of July and received the proceeds from the sell of our home in El Paso early August.  The people that we bought from rented our place for a couple of weeks while their new place was being completed and we rented our old place until mid-August.  The moving rates were lower during the middle of the month.  Again God had his hand in things for us.  

We headed east again driving 2 cars and 2 dogs across country arriving safely in our new location.  We have been unpacking and settling in.  Both of us are enjoying our new home.  I’m still gluten free and promise to have a product review up in the next couple of days.  Life continues to be a wonderful journey and one that I look forward to sharing.

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