A Tribute to My Son

Hard to believe that 35 years ago today I was blessed with a true gift from God.  My baby boy who was to have been a scheduled c-section came into this world 3 weeks early.  Today I have been reflecting over that day and the years since.  I am truly a lucky person to have been blessed with such a caring and sensitive young man.

He was born on a Sunday and on the day of his birth his father went to play golf.  I was left at home with our daughter to hold down the fort.  I remember Robin and I made cupcakes.  They were either white or yellow with a 7-minute frosting which we added some food color to.  Later that afternoon I got dinner on.  I don’t remember what vegetables I had planned to serve but I do remember that I had Unstuffed Pork Chops simmering in the old trusted electric skillet waiting for Dad-to-Be to get home.

For most of the day I had been having these cramps on one side.  As I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for Eric to get back from golf, I telephoned Susie, Bob’s Godmother-to-be.  While Susie and I were talking I was telling her about the “cramps”.  Her being an RN educated me on what those “cramps” might be.  

As we were talking I realized those “cramps” were coming pretty regularly.  By the time Eric arrived home they were like 20 minutes apart.  I called the doctor’s office and was told to get to the hospital.  We did some calling and looking for people to leave our daughter with.  No such luck early on a Sunday evening in El Paso, TX.  After calling Susie, we loaded Robin in the car and headed for the hospital.  Susie, lived on the other side of town but said she would meet us at the hospital and take Robin home with her.

Not to terribly long after getting to the hospital our beautiful baby boy entered this world.  The dinner?  Oh yeah, the pork chops had been left simmering all this time and according to Eric they were really, really tender.

Not only I am remembering the day of his birth, but I have been reflecting back over special events in his life.  His Baptism at 4 months old and Eric and I as his parents taking the vows to nurture him in the church and to live a life that would set an example for him that he may be guided to accept God’s grace for himself.  I remember Mike and Susie standing with us that day and taking vows as his God Parent’s.  I remember Eric’s parents being present to celebrate this blessed occasion with us. 

Shortly before Bob turned 3 the family relocated to Dallas, TX.  With his birthday and Poppy’s birthday being so close together we were going to celebrate the birthday’s together that year.  While I was prepping food for the party, Bob came running into the kitchen.  He was wanting to wear his hiking boots.  I told him no because they were to hot.  I went on about my business and upon opening the door to the refrigerator shortly I found a pair of hiking boots sitting on the shelf cooling.

There was the Mother’s Day lunch at his preschool.  The children had made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which they were to share with their moms.  Well Bob had the sandwich but wasn’t open to sharing.  His rational was that he had made it and if I had wanted a sandwich I should have made me one.

There was his first day at school.  The day I went to school to fly kites with him.  The lunches special school lunches that I got to share with him.  There was the day that he told him he was glad I could pick him up from school and that I would take him to TCBY if he wanted.  He said not all mother’s could do that.

There was his karate, confirmation classes, his football games, high school graduation and college graduation.  There was the morning that I fixed him french toast before he set out on his drive to Atlanta.  He was leaving El Paso and relocating.  It broke my heart to see him leave but I knew it was time to let him spread his wings and fly.  

The good times and the sad times.  His heartache when Grammy passed on.  The Homecoming Dance.  His first car and his first accident in that car.  Vacations with red pet rocks.  Fishing, camping, hiking.  Looking for diamonds.  So many memories.  It is really hard to believe that 35 years have past.  I am so lucky. 

Son, I have not always been perfect, nor done the right things but know this for sure that through it all I have loved you with my whole being.  I thank God each day that He saw fit to let me be your mother.  Happy birthday to a wonderful young man that I am proud to call my son.

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